Thursday, February 17, 2011

Young Justice 105 Schooled Review

Well this will be a short one but at least it will have my own screen caps in it. I managed to watch the most recent episode of Young Justice “Schooled.” I’ve got to admit I wasn’t fully invested in this episode for several reasons but it was still watchable. I do like that they broke up the team a bit and had Dick and Superboy share more scenes together – but I do really wish it was Tim and Kon. The idea of switching up some of the incarnations of the characters is starting to grow on me and I’m starting to try to be objective about Miss Martian. Aqualad isn’t growing on me yet but he doesn’t totally annoy me in this episode.

We get the introduction of Amazo and Professor Ivo. I didn’t really care with the choices of those two characters but I guess its okay. Maybe a different character would have come off better and still suited the plot. I mean come on we all know that the whole purpose of Amazo was to find a way to have Superboy start to accept the team as his friends and that he can’t do everything alone. But therein lies the problem – why is Black Canary training him? I get that the whole idea is that the strongest person doesn’t automatically always win but there should be a powerhouse training Superboy if for no other reason than him being so young and having to deal with this world.

The big missed opportunity here is because they insist on playing up the plot of Superboy desperately wanting to have a relationship with his ‘father’ Superman/Clark. There’s not much longer that they can play this out without having Superman/Clark/Kal-El – I don’t really know what to call him for this because they keep calling Superboy his ‘son’ yet they haven’t even given Superboy the ‘Kon-El’ name let alone gotten as far as making him Connor Kent – come off like a deadbeat father who is rejecting a son he didn’t knowingly create. All that’s missing is a mother running around asking for child support.

This would be the perfect opportunity to bring in Supergirl – I get that the incarnation that DC insists on shoving down our throats is the Kara Zor-El version and that we’d most likely get her over Linda Danvers or even the basic Matrix\Mae incarnation (and we would probably get Kara down the line anyway since she is in the Super Family and we might be getting Cassie/Wonder Girl down the line.) Hell I’d love Kara in this instance – it would be the perfect way to save the idea of Superman if Kara stepped up and had a relationship with Superboy and simply sat down and said ‘hey – Superman wants a family, I’m his cousin – he wants the connection but he needs time to adjust to the idea of having a ‘son’ that was created with the sole purpose of being used to kill him eventually; but we’re family too – lets have a relationship and show Superman that you’re more than the sum of your creation.’

We have yet another episode without Artemis in it but we do have a little bit of a build up to her arrival here. The team finds an arrow after their battle with Amazo and confronts the Justice League and find out that it isn’t Green Arrows – they assume that it belongs to Speedy and that he was looking out for them. So naturally it will end up being Artemis’ arrow and now Roy’s because that’s just the way those types of reveals are done.

Rating: B

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