Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Batman: Under the Red Hood Movie Review

Another quickie here, today it’s one of the DC Animated movies: Batman: Under the Red Hood. I’ve wanted to watch this one for a while now and it was a nice little distraction from my current surroundings. I’m not really big on Batman comics – there are certain characters I enjoy a lot but not enough to get pulled into that universe so while I know the basics of the story I don’t know all of the itty bitty details. That being said the movie was still really enjoyable – much better than Batman: Gotham Knights.
The whole movie revolves around the time the Joker killed the second Robin (Jason Todd) and the aftermath of it. I know in the comics that eventually Jason comes back all dark and twisted as The Red Hood but I don’t know if Ra’s al Ghul or Black Mask were even involved in the comic book version of this story. What I did enjoy were the nods to the mythos; the shots of Talia, the mentions of the Joker crippling Barbara Gordon, the flashbacks to the past showing how different Jason was compared to Dick.

The animation was really good so there weren’t any complaints there. The casting – for the most part was also good. I didn’t really care for the voice of the Joker because Mark Hamill will always be the Joker to me. I was really surprised and pleased with Neil and Jensen’s voice acting. My only real complaint was that I felt the movie should be longer. I know that the DCU movies usually aren’t full length movies (more like between an hour – an hour and 20 minutes) but they really should have taken advantage of how hot the Batman franchise is now and just produce a longer animated film.
This is definitely one of my favorite DC animated movies – the other two being Wonder Woman and Green Lantern First Flight and then maybe- maybe either Public Enemies or Crisis on Two Earths but Under the Red Hood is far from being the worst and will most likely take top spot in my DCU favorites.

Oh before I forget, just like yesterday’s review these are images gathered from around the net because I don’t have the time or the ability to take screen caps myself. (Family emergency, spending most of my time in the hospital the past week or so now, so I’m working with limited resources here.)

Rating: A

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